Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 30, 52 Photo Project/A Time to Share

The prompt for Bella's  52 Photo Project is "A Time to Share {Something Borrowed}".

I'm not a big borrower, nor a big lender, nor is there much that I covet . . . BUT, my sister did loan me (gave me?) an old push mower to use to keep the weeds/grass down on the side of my house where a dirt driveway once existed . . .

Having had minimal rain fall this past spring and summer, the weeds in my garden were minimal, so the old push mower sat leaning against the stuccoed garage, unused and unloved . . . until a crop of volunteer morning glories found a place to call home!
Unused, But Not Unloved
The old push mower has now become "yard art", and the big discussion next year will be, "something borrowed" or "something given"!