Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Art Friday/Whoops

I got a week ahead of myself; the challenge for this weekend was to simply use one of my photo's with a texture by Bonnie.  The challenge for January 20-23 was the "abstract challenge" . . . oh well, guess I'll just have to play some more!

For this weeks challenge (January 13-15) I used a photo taken of the bunk house at the Carson Ranch.  It's a neat old rock building which had the interior renovated a couple of years ago.  All the unique interior/exterior characteristics of the house were kept, including the vintage doors and screen door, dating from the 40's.
Carson Ranch Bunk House using Bonnie's textures: Backlight/Gauze Sheers/Off Kilter/Cinnamon

I got so involved playing with textures, I forgot to straight the screen door, so what you are seeing above is a crop in an attempt to get the focus of the photo straightened! To give you a flavor of the building, here is the original, in all it's crooked splendor.

Rather than leave with a quote, decided I needed to remember the idiom . . .
"haste makes waste"!

PS:  Decided to go ahead and post tonight instead of tomorrow 'cause I really do need to put a dent in my real life TODO List!

Photo Art Friday/Abstract Photo Art

There were two challenges offered for the January 13-15 Photo Art Challenge, a 3/Three Challenge or Abstract Photo Art Challenge . . . I went with the abstract challenge which was to create a piece of abstract art using my own photographs and at least one of Bonnie's abstract art textures.

Results from my first attempt using Bonnie's tutorial:
Four Garden Photos using Bonnie's textures: Chinks of Light/Off Kilter and Gauze Sheets.
and my second effort:
Three fall photos & one RAZR photo using Bonnie's textures:  Off Kilter/Chinks of Light/Tangled Tendrils
Experimenting with Bonnie's tutorial was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself immensely!  I am also glad that today's "TO DO" list had a minimal amount of stuff that HAD to get done, because I didn't scratch one little thing off . . . even the more pressing such as replenishing Itty's dog food and cooking the chicken can wait till tomorrow!

"She realized that she was missing a great deal by being sensible."
Author Unknown

Photo Art Friday
Last Sunday was a cold, blusterous day . . . not anxious to get out, not anxious to do anything constructive, my sister Becky, thankfully, came by to save me from myself!

Prior to her coming over and in an attempt to entertain myself without truly getting involved, I took a couple of photos of the bush outside my office window . . . which I totally forgot about until yesterday, so I've added some play time to my Friday.

Primarily just playing in PSE, seeing what different effects I could achieve, working with levels and textures.  The photo was taken from inside looking out, so I also captured the window screen, which annoyed me.  But after playing around, I wasn't displeased . . . the screen looks like it might be part of the texture!

Bonnie, from Photo Art Friday, has challenged us to create an abstract using three or more photos and has gifted two of her textures to use in her challenge;  going to be fun and I'm looking forward to working on it and seeing the results!

Today I leave you with a quote that we are all familiar with and one that often comes to mind:
“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”   Albert Einstein