Saturday, September 29, 2012

Your Sunday Best #37 ~ peaches?

Four years ago I planted a 'dwarf, red-leaf peach tree'.
For two years, while the tree bloomed, it did not bear fruit
and the leaves were a brilliant red.

This year the limbs are bowed down with the weight of little peaches and not a red leaf to be seen!

 About the only thing the peach tree still is, is dwarf! 

Photo Art Friday ~ Abstraction(s) from Nature

Couldn't make up my mind!
A composite of two photos, same filters, different blending modes.

Photo Art Friday

5 Fact Friday ~ Sept 28th eDition

1.)  I don't read directions;
         And it was never so apparent until I tried to take a picture with a point and shot I just bought for those occasions when I can't take
         my Canon Rebel (horseback?).  I couldn't take a 'single shot', just videos!  I had to read the directions to figure it out I was
         pushing the record button instead of the 'still photo' button!

2.)  I set resolutions;
        Daily, weekly and monthly, I set the same resolutions over, and over and over again ...

3.)  For me, photo editing is therapeutic.

4.)  I am an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.

5.)  Now that autumn is fast approaching;
        I have no interest in working in the gardens, I don't even want to water or start preparations for winter.

Taken with the new Panasonic 20x, wide angle point and shot.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gallery 23 ~ {Withering Beauty}

"looking to find the beauty amidst the crumbling, peeling, decay"

52 Photos Project

2012 Edit Me ~ 9.26.12

This weeks photo for the Edit Me Challenge was submitted by Larissa Sibiglia.

and my edited version:
 Editing steps:
1) color adjustment
2) spot healing tool to remove spectators
3) gradient fill in sky
4) overlayed cutout filter/sponge filter and original
5) Toy Camera effect
6) overlayed on composite of step 3 on luminosity@100%
Edit Me

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday # 11 ~ odds 'n ends

My brother (in-law) once suggested I'd take photographs of anything ...
he's right, I have some of the strangest photos
and when I review them, I even wonder what I was thinking!

 A rusted-out toy truck next to the arena where they hold the cutting competitions.
I took eight different photos of the silly thing ...
guess I subconsciously knew I'd fill it with orange for Mandarin Orange Monday! 

A photograph of one of the riders at the cutting competition;
never met him, and not sure why I have it,
except possibly I was playing with the settings on my camera.
As it turned out, his 'orange' shirt is perfect for Mandarin Orange Monday!

 Thank you Lori for being a great host for pushing my imagination in an 'orange' way!