Friday, November 02, 2012

Photo Art Friday ~ Pathway to Heaven

Bonnie's prompt this week was to use her beautiful new texture Cobblestone.

On Monday we had the brightest, most magnificent sunrise ... couldn't resist capturing it!

Photo Art Friday

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

52 Photos Project ~ Celebrate!

Bella's prompt this week is "celebrate" ...

"How do you celebrate?"
"On what occasions do you celebrate?"
she ask us to
"Capture the essence of our unique celebrations
and share on them with you this week!"

While not unique, I do celebrate Day of the Dead;
the house is decorated, an altar is built and
I ask family and friends over to help me celebrate

It's a time to be together,
to visit, laugh, reminisce, eat, drink,
and honor those who have passed before us.
(Dia de los Muertos graphic by Rebecca McMeem)

52 Photos Project

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{Texture Tuesday} ~ free and easy eDition

I spend a lot of time in and around the New Mexico State Capitol.

I have always been intrigued and mystified by the choice of landscaping at the Capitol.
It is so unlike most state buildings; it is not (seemingly) structured,
but rather has a sort of disheveled, unplanned look about it! 

The state Capitol is surrounded by 6.5-acre garden and has more than 100 varieties of plants,
including roses, iris, daises, chrysanthemums, russian sage, native plants, plums, almonds, pears, nectarines, Russian olive trees, yews and sequoias to name a few.

KK's texture "Poetic" used twice: Soft Light @ 100% and Color Burn @ 100%

KK's texture's "Paper Stain", Overlay @ 100% and "UggLove", Color Burn @ 100%
 On a positive note, with all the varieties of plantings, I'm never at a loss for something to discover!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday #16 ~ joy

no matter what, these poppies coax a smile
it is an artificial arrangement that my sister brought me years ago,
it sat in my office where the sun shone in on it and I had a birdseye view of the bright colors,
it always helped me retain my humor, particularly in negotiation sessions
it now resides in my home, various places, always in a place where it adds 'pop'
an area that when I turn the corner, or see it head-on,
I smile and feel joy!