Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo Art Friday/November 18-20

Almost fell asleep and almost missed this weeks Photo Art Friday!

And in my haste, I misread the challenge, which was to post and link a piece of photo art that illustrates one of your favorite, "go-to" edits.  Next week's challenge is to post a "piece of photo art from your archives that never got the spotlight and attention it deserved".  That being said, I ended up doing a little bit of both. 

A couple of years ago I bought a "point and shoot" Olympus as I was on the road so much, and carrying around my Canon was somewhat of a chore.  Have never really done anything with the photos taken with the Olympus (prejudicial maybe), I'm just kinda like the bells and whistles I have with the Canon, but the Olympus does take a good photograph!

Also, I am so new to editing in PSE, that I don't have a "go-to edit", but I did admire an edit that used the "poster edges" filter, and Bonnie had mentioned in the explanation of her edit.  I'd tried it a few times, so I used an "unused photo" and while not a "go to edit", an edit whose results I liked, but haven't used frequently!

"DC" PSE Poster Edges w/Light Dust Texture on Overlay@100%
"DC"/ PSE Poster Edges w/Fanciful Texture on Vivid Light @39%
"DC"/Combination of both textures used above with the same blending mode settings

Original Photo/Olympus FE-210
The textures used were generously gifted by Bonnie on her blog Pixel Dust Photo Art.  
Thank you Bonnie.

Photo Art Friday