Saturday, June 09, 2012

Your Sunday Best #21 ~ Warmth Abounds

My garden originally was planned out 'colored coordinated'
plants picked for their shades of pink, blue and purple;
pink roses, pink cone flowers, pink liquorice mint
blue saliva, blue perennial geraniums, blue spirea lilacs and butterfly bushes

While watering this morning
I became aware of how many warm colors I have added, perennial and annual alike
and what gives me the greatest joy are the masses of glorious daylilies!

"Earth's crammed with heaven,
and every common bush afire with God..."
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Photo Art Friday ~ June 8th - 10th

 A week of black and white!

This week Bonnie's 'Photo Art Friday' challenge is black and white!

Earlier in the week Bella's challenge at 52 Photo's Project was black and white.

I had fun playing and I'm still having fun!

For Bella's challenge I rendered photos of daylillies
for Bonnie's challenge I decided to play with portraits!

My nephew Drew and his daughter Sierra.


I'm all over the board with editing techniques;
some have warming filters, some have the detail strengthened with Topaz Detail, brightness/contrast, and all have some type of levels adjustment.

Bonnie also published a video on her website on how to use the gradient map
so I tried out her technique and liked it too!


 "Life is like a good black and white photograph,
there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between." Karl Heiner

Photo Art Friday

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 23

The photo we were given this week to edit is a beautiful white petunia.

Edited Petunia
Editing steps are as follows:
1) cropped;
2) flipped photo
3) used PSE 'dry brush';
4) added photo filter "aqua" to petunia only: 
5) Topaz detail (without a filter selection);
6) Texture "Fog" by Nancy Claeys, blending mode overlay@53%; and
7) a double frame.

Original Photo

Photo provided by Kim from Mom Tried It:

Edit Me

52 Photos Project ~ Gallery 7 {Black & White}

Bella's challenge this week was black and white
and I sure had a lot of fun playing!

The photo's were taken yesterday morning with my RAZR (phone) camera while I was watering
their buds pop out in a nano second!

Love daylillies!

52 Photos Project

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Your Sunday Best #20 ~ Spring Gardens

For me it is so exciting and fulfilling to get the yard and patio all cleaned up, freshened up,
planted and ready for the long days of summer!

(Nancy Claeys texture 'Fog' was used on both photo's.)