Tuesday, November 15, 2011

KK's Texture Tuesday/The Phoebe eDition

Today is Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday; the challenge was to use her texture "Phoebe" and for my subject, I chose altars.

I love altars, nichos, and dichos, (colloquialism for roadside remembrances in northern New Mexico).

When I was in India, altars abounded!  What amazed me was a cliff side altar in Varanasi along the banks of the Ganga River. There seemed to be no obvious way of reaching the cliff ledge without repelling down or climbing up, yet there were fresh flowers, gold rubbings and candle wax . . . I was fascinated, and obsessed!

(1) b&w gradient map, soft light @ 19%; (2) phoebe, color burn @ 75%; (3) phoebe, soft light @ 75%
phoebe, saturation @ 75%

(1) scripted edges, color dodge@100%; (2) phoebe, darker color @ 32%

(1) phoebe, hue @ 81%; (2) phoebe, color burn @ 30%
Maybe one of these days I'll do an "altar series", photos taken whenever I have seen an altar, nichos, dichos and another favorite, graveside remembrances . . . 

Kim, thank you for your time and energy in hosting Texture Tuesday!