Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25, Tuesday Texture

The TT Challenge for this week was Free & Easy x's 2' eDition using a recent image, and processed with any 2 textures created by Kim Klassen:

The photo below was rendered using Kim's texture "ifonly" on screen mode at 32% and "ugglovebandw" on linear burn mode at 100%.
Last Vestiges of Summer

Because I can't seem to stop at one . . . the photo of my niece was taken through an art filter, then enhanced using Kim's texture "fall-in" on overlay mode at 54% and the texture "uggloves sepia", set on multiply at 100%.
Trisha/Summer 2003
This photo of my niece was taken in 2003 when she was about 12 and visiting Santa Fe.  The photo was on film (before I owned a digital), and I was just beginning to play around with digital programs via having the processed film digitized.  It still amazes me how many great photographs I managed to ruin by not knowing about non-destructive editing (i.e. "save as"), and of course, the disk is long gone or long lost!

PS: I have a crush on "ugglovebandw"!