Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nancy Donaldson's "Texture Challenge"

Nancy provided 3 beautiful textures to "have fun with" and I am having fun!   I have done several, but decided to just post only two . . .

The Master
This is image is literally made from whole cloth.  I started with a gold toned background which I then overlayed with Nancy's texture 2a set on color dodge at 40%, then added a brush from a masters' collection and adjusted it to a linear burn at 100%.  The layer over the brush was a light blue background, the blending mode set to darker color at 100%; on top of the blue background I layered 2 textures, (1) texture 2c, linear burn at 100% and (2) texture 2, blending mode on multiply at 50% opacity.  The final 2 brushes were a bokeh brush at 37% opacity and a butterfly brush at 100%.

Below is a fall montage of three photos; field of flowers, pumpkin patch and a single white pumpkin. 
Pumpkin Patch
 Nancy's textures used were texture2 using the blending mode multiply at 32%, texture 2b (inverse) on linear dodge at 100% and texture 2c blended on multiply at 32%.

Whoops, just one more . . . In a comment on my white pumpkin in a field of flowers, Nancy had asked what I thought the photo would look like cropped and masked; in answer, I have taken Pumpkin Patch (above) and given it a try!
Pumpkin Patch II

And the piece she inquired about is below; hopefully I succeeded in answering Nancy's question (I get confused on terminology sometimes) and I do like it . . .

Field of Flowers