Thursday, October 27, 2011

First snow fall . . .

Being absolutely nothing like the storm that hit our neighbors further north and in Colorado, I did wake up to a tad bit of snow in the yard this morning, so of course, I ran out with my camera.

The saga of the "last vestiges of summer" continues, with just a "tad bit of snow".

Red Geranium


Alyssum and Marigolds

Asparagus Fern and Sweet Potato Vine
My personal "weekly challenge" this week is to learn and use the "burn tool", which I seem to have only used to create a vignette, but hey, practice makes perfect!  Geraniums is only piece that I  used only the the burn tool on; the other photos, I used the burn tool, various filters and overlays for enhancements.

Thought for the day:  Grilled cheese sandwiches JUST TASTE BETTER when cooked in a cast iron skillet!