Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Art Friday/Abstracts

For real this time, below are two abstracts created from the same three photos and a background photo.  In the first abstract I added a cutout filter to the photos prior to applying Bonnie's filters.

Abstract I/pdpa textures Off Kilter and Chinks of Light
In the second abstract, while I used the same three photo and background photo, rather than creating a cutout, I layered the photos on top of each other, applying different blending modes, interspersed with Bonnie's textures.

Abstract II/ pdpa textures Off Kilter and Chinks of Light
Here is the background photo and three accent photos that I used, which were taken at the Carson Ranch last spring.  The difference from the originals amaze me.

I thought I'd have more time to play this week, but I didn't!  For those that found my blog via Photo Arts Friday, I confused my dates on the abstract posting and did a posting last Friday as well if you'd care to see what I did, here is the link. January 14, Photo Art Friday.
"When realistic images or patterns are seen in an abstract painting, they are often parallels brought about by processes in painting which echo processes in nature." (Darby Bannard)

Photo Art Friday