Wednesday, January 18, 2012

52 Week Project:: A time to share { Color w/ Emotion }

Bella's challenge this week is to post a color that evokes emotion, whether in nature, our home, our clothing......

Green is a predominate color in my life, but it is the many colors of the tropics or semi-tropics that truly get my juices flowing.  The varying greens, the bright colors of orange, pink, purple, red; the color of the sky at sunrise and sunset over water, the color of the ocean at different times of day . . .

Hibiscus in Bloom
Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico
Being from the high mountain desert, I have always loved being near the water, no matter where it is and have always managed to be near water as much as possible and I have found that the colors of the tropics evokes pure emotion for me!

52 Photos Project