Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo Art Friday ~ Improbable Pairings

Bonnie truly comes up with some great challenges
but this week's prompt had me thinking I just might sit out a week.

But Bonnie posted some of her pieces where she combined photos
which gave me an idea and a place to start!

I combined a photo of a building I took in New Delhi
with a photo of a branding station taken in southeast New Mexico.

The rendering included adding a solid purple overlay, a solid coral overlay,
used a warming filter on the sky, and applied a Topaz oil painting filter,
added two of Bonnie's textures, "Painterly" and "Quartz"
and finished off with a soft burn along the top corners.

I did have one photo, taken a couple of years ago, which is truly an improbable pairing!
Snowfall in Austin
I truly enjoy participating in Bonnie's challenges,
she is a great teacher and motivator
as well as a magnificent digital artist.

Photo Art Friday