Sunday, December 04, 2011

KK's Texture Tuesday/Celebrate!

Kim's challenge this week was to center around the word Celebrate! in honor of the upcoming holiday season!

I'm kinda known as the "green queen", as green is my favorite color, any color of green and in fact it is amazing how many shades and variations of green I have brought into my life!

In honor of green queen, as a gift to brighten my life and celebrate the holiday season, my sister Melinda brought me a "green" poinsettia!  Not a tinge of pale beige or pale pink, but actually a pale, pale green!  It is GORGEOUS . . . thank you sister!

Texture: Phoebe on color burn at 100%
Textures: Stamped Softly on soft light @ 71% and Music Lovin, on color burn at 100%
I'm a December Baby, and for years I took a pale pink poinsettia to my parents, who transitioned many years ago, on my birthday to thank them for being such caring, loving parents.  

While Melinda brought me the poinsettia for the color, to add to the celebration of the season and because she is a thoughtful, loving and generous sister, I'm not sure she knows the significance of gifting me a poinsettia in December.

I love my sisters, they are supportive, loving, my very best friends and an integral part of my life.