Tuesday, November 08, 2011

TT Challenge

Kim Klassen's TT challenge for November 8 is the number 2; participants were asked to put their twist on the number 2 using at least one layer of any of Kim's textures.

Sometimes being other than literal, this is what I came up with.  Both photo's were rendered using a textures I made using a photo of grass taken early last spring, then layered with a KK texture. 

Double Your Pleasure
The photo above is one of many of the faux David's that you'll find in Florence.  Textures used: "grass"/linear burn at 54% and "one word"/difference at 100%.

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico
Above is a photo taken of a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.  Textures used: "ugglovebandw"/multiply@36%, "ugglovebandw" flipped horizontally/multiply@33%, "grass"/hardmix@19% one layered over the other.

The inset of the same photo has two layers: "ugglovebandw"/multiply@48%, "grass"/hardmix@19%.

Not leaving anything to chance, and just in case the intent was to be literal . . . 

Numero Uno Dos
Textures used: KK's "ugglovebandw"/darker color @ 100%, "grass"/softlight@100%, "one word"/darkercolor@100%.