Wednesday, November 09, 2011

52 Photo Project: Week 29, Shades of Aqua

I love photography, I love my camera and I spend more time blowing dust off of it then using it . . .that is about to change!

Decided to involve myself in Bella Cirovic's "52 Photo Project", where she supplies a prompt weekly for our photography!  This gives me a reason to use my camera and carry and keep it with me!

This weeks prompt was "aqua"; now the high mountain desert isn't the most idea place to find aqua, lots of brown . . . but then, in northern New Mexico you see so many old homes with a color that is called locally,  "ojo de Dios", the Eye of God.  While not quite aqua, the color has a strong aqua tint, that the natives use to paint their windows and doors in to protect their homes.  Couldn't find a window without jumping a wall, but did find this . . . not quite native with the purple trim, but a sorta, kinda, aqua!
Ojo de Dios

I'll  have to admit, I was in a panic thinking, "aqua, aqua, aqua", when I pulled out an old batik wrap that is 15 years old or better, and has been used for anything and everything, but never a wrap!  The flash of the camera brought out the "gentle patina" of the fabric . . . but there was aqua!
Having been reminded of this beautiful piece of fabric, the batik is back in use and is now adding a burst of color to an otherwise utilitarian bathroom!

I won't know until Sunday what the new prompt is, but I'm excited and looking forward to participating!

PS:  Both photo's have texture overlays:  Ojo de Dios has Nancy Donaldson's "ecaustic background" and Kim Klassen's 'autumn burst"; the Batik has an overlay of Kim's "subtly yours".