Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo Art Friday ~ The Beauty of Aging

Bonnie's prompt for this weeks Photo Art Friday is the Beauty of Aging.

For me, the beauty of aging is an attitude;
learning who and what you are,
appreciating who and what you are,
to never quit learning, having an interest in all that is around us.
To have patience, the willingness to forgive,
and to love for the sake of loving.

The ability to have adventures, to have and share new passions, to never quit growing, to be confident.

Linda had never ridden a horse until three years ago.
But her confidence and decision to get out there, to learn and to enjoy and participate with those she loves
is what I believe is the beauty of aging.

(Rendered with Bonnie's textures: Tangled Tendrils and Cinnamon)

Photo Art Friday