Wednesday, June 20, 2012

52 Photos Project ~ Gallery 9 {Summertime Colors}

Bella's challenge this week is to post Summertime Colors
so out the door I went, with camera in hand,
to capture photos of my summertime pots on the patio!
My patio is large and I break it up by having islands
of plants set at multiple levels is bright colored pots.  

Even by dividing up the space, I still have room for three seating arrangements
and it still allows me a dining area for serving up to eight!

The glorious sun shines bright on my patio
except for along the east side wall, where there is shade in the early morning!

The east wall is covered by Virginia Creeper
and there is a small strip for a garden.
Instead of planting, I chose to place my four multicolored ice cream chairs in the garden
as plant stands to hold colorful pots that I plant each spring
along with hanging pots, chimes and a garden angel!

52 Photos Project