Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Texture Tuesday} 'free & easy' eDition

For Kim's Texture Tuesday last week, I posted photo's of my apricot tree and my excitement at seeing the tight little blooms, just waiting for a few days of warm-enough-weather to pop! . . . my sure sign of spring!

Well, my apricot has never been know to be the smartest tree in the yard and I often times don't have any fruit because it takes a false spring seriously!  Here are this weeks photo . . . same tree . . . same yard . . .

Apricot I/Ugglove on Color Burn@54% and PaperLove on Linear Burn@50%

Apricot II/Organic on Overlay@61% and PaperLove on Linear Burn@51%
All things considered, even though we had snow for a few days in a row, the temperatures haven't gotten too low, nights have been in the mid 20's, so there is still hope that maybe this summer I'll be eating apricots! . . . and if not, that's okay too . . . the snow also provided much needed moisture!

Photos from March 6th
"The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches."  e.e. cummings