Sunday, November 06, 2011

More fun with creating textures.

Digital Montage Studio has a challenge this month to "get out and grab some photos of texture" that can be combined with other images to alter them digitally. 

Can't admit to "getting out", but I did go thru my photos and found a few to play with;  a couple from a visit to the Carson Ranch, and a photo from China. I had fun creating the textures, and look forward to creating a whole lot more with varied techniques . . .

Below is a sample board of the photo's and the changes I made to them to create textures.
Sample Board
And here are a few photos' that I applied the newly created textures to:

Native Apricot
Panda/Chengdu Research Center
Water Garden

Thought for the day: Live in an attitude of gratitude and give thanks for what is and for what is to be . . .