Saturday, November 05, 2011

I could be doing something other then playing . . .

but my big plans for the day collapsed due to inclement weather!  

Today's plans were taking photos of the bartlett pears at the Capitol (just turning red), cleaning out my planters, (frost finally did-in the geraniums) and getting my outdoor rug rolled up and put away for the winter!

What I did get done was pull the motor and dump the water in my fountain and retreated to my favorite pass time - playing in Photoshop!

Because today is a gloomy, rainy, snowy day, I choose to play with color, sort of . . . fall colors at least!

Indian Corn

Corn in Dried Husk
Have not really known what to do with the photo below, but it so true of Santa Fe: the pueblo style architecture (although a little more "edgy" then pueblo style), the contrast of blue sky with puffy white clouds, adobe brown, chamisa and green trees.  Rendering turned the adobe brown a little more red, but I liked the contrast, and love the triptychs frame!

Arroyo Chamisa
Thought for the day:  There's not a day that goes by that you can't choose to learn something new!

PS:  The clouds are clearing, the sun is shinning, the snow is melting - time to get on with the rest of my day!