Tuesday, November 08, 2011

At the Capitol . . .

you will find red leaves!  Not having forgotten my quest for red leaves, I paid a visit to the capitol with my camera this morning, so I'd have a sampling of red leaves to post!
Capitol Leaves
The red leaves are on the east side of the Capitol, seven beautiful pear trees planted from the entrance of the capitol to the sidewalk.  The trees are planted close together, are well protected, and slow in turning vibrant this year. (This is also a glorious sight in the spring when they are in full bloom.) . . 
Capitol Pear Trees
When I first arrived at the capitol this morning (I was attending a committee hearing) it was snowing, cold and grey.  I'd decided to wait till noon to photograph the trees, but I looked up and saw the seal of New Mexico peaking through the trees, and couldn't resist (plus I love my zoom lens).
Great Seal of New Mexico
Thought for the day"All things are exactly as they should be."