Monday, November 07, 2011

Artistic Cut Out Tool

There is a Yahoo Group, Artist Techniques Digital, that I joined a couple of months ago and it has turned into a treasure for me.  The biggest boon is that the group owner, Sherre Hulbert, posted a "Tool of the Week" that I'm playing with.  Many of the "tools" in Photoshop I know nothing about, and it is sooo easy to get into a rut, using the same tools over and over again, and learning little or nothing about the rest.

This weeks tool is the Artistic CutOut tool . . . guarantee you, a tool that I never would have thought to use without a little prompting!

Apple Picking Time
Actually, it is a nifty little tool to use, and I enjoyed playing with it.  I have to be honest here, I did use a texture on both photo's and the photos aren't mine, but rather royalty free photo stock from stock-xchng.

Below is a photo I did take last week that I used with the cutout tool and a texture.

That's it folks, not even a thought of the day!