Friday, November 11, 2011

Photo Art Friday

Still feeling adventurous, I decided to participate in Bonnie's Photo Art Friday.  Bonnie blogged:
"Did you have time to experiment with some new styles, forms, tools, compositions this week?  Don't you love the gratification that comes with the mastery of a new skill?  I don't even have to totally master a skill to feel gratified.  Just getting familiar with a new photoshop tool or trying a new form of photo art gives me a shot of  'let's keep going' encouragement."
How could I resist!
Abandoned Farmhouse
This is a photo taken last year of an abandoned farmhouse outside of Florence in in the Chianti region of Italy and apparently a favorite, as I used the same photo in my blog "The Process".

The processing included using a (minor) cutout filter (grabbing the edges primarily), inverted the results, added a "warm" photo filter, layered on a gradient filter, reproduced the original photo, layered it over the filter colors set on linear light at 50%, added Bonnie's Canvas Clouds 3 set on vivid light at 50%, and topped it off with Nancy Donaldson's ecaustic background (tinted) set on darker color at 100%.  Whew . . .

Below is the original photo I rendered . . .
Chianti Region/September 2010
Bonnie, thank you for the opportunity, it was fun!

Photo Art Friday

Thought for the day:  echoing Bonnie's sentiment, 'lets keep going'!