Saturday, October 15, 2011

Definitley Autumn and not Winter

About 10 days ago they predicted the temperature at night would be in the low 30's, so I spent a day bringing in the plants that I winter in the house, dug out an asparagus plant that I'd promised a friend, and unhooked my hoses; ran out with my Xoom and took some final photographs of the garden.  While the temperatures were cold, we never got below 32 degrees.  A few plants look a little beat up, but nothing died, except for the few that may have died because it'd been 2 weeks since I'd watered!
All those beautiful plants that gave me such pleasure during the summer; I just couldn't stand it, so spent most of the day watering and deadheading (even mowed and watered the lawn) so that they could spend the last few weeks of autumn enjoying the sun and cooler temperatures and die not because of lack of care, but because of nature.

Being the queen of distraction, during the first round of the patio with the hose, I noticed the sun shinning through the leaves of the apricot tree on one cluster of yellow leaves, definitely a Canon moment!

Apricot Leaves

I also photographed a leaf that had landed on my succulents (and a few others, just haven't played with them yet).
Hens & Chickens
It could be called multitasking, I kinda think of it as being easily distracted, but while the sprinklers were running and before the deadheading (with the alarm set so I wouldn't forget that I was watering) I played with textures and clipping masks and kind of like the results.

I find that I ramble, but I want to quickly get back to the photo's with taken with the Xoom.  I chose the Motorola tablet over the iPad for my own weird reasons, but I'm pleased with the Xoom.  I was disappointed that Android does not seem to have the graphic addons that Apple does; but I kept checking, and had been thinking that I'd buy the iPhone when it is time to renew my mobile contract. THEN all of a sudden I found that Android now has a mobile photoshop app and Motorola will be introducing their new Droid next week, which is as seamless as the iPhone. 

Anyway, having been envying everyone who is into  iPhone/iPad photography, I was pleased with the photo's that I took with the Xoom, and the photoshop app that I was able to apply tho them.

A Series/The Last Vestiges of Summer