Thursday, October 13, 2011

Giving Thanks

Being an early riser, and anymore managing to stay up long after my usual bedtime, I am able to "play" a lot with my graphics program.  Actually, sometimes I find it a little embarrassing that I seem to be so prolific; #1 it leads me to think, maybe I'm not putting enough time and energy into the pieces that I create, #2 it makes me wonder if there isn't something more meaningful that I should be doing, like working in the garden, cleaning house, being more social, or whatever . . .

But when it comes right down to it, I enjoy what I'm doing and I give thanks that I do have the time and energy and the curiosity to learn and grow my new endeavor.  Besides which, summer is gone and although I have a beautiful yard, I never did like bedding down the gardens for winter, and I have always hated housework, and I've never been overly social!

I give thanks that I have this time to "play" and enjoy the bounty of my creations!

Last evening and this morning I played with a portrait of my sister from a photo that I'd taken on her Birthday last August . . . sort of a Warhol look, but then maybe I'm giving myself to much credit.  I doubt if I'd ever be able to repeat it, 'cause I was messing around and not exactly sure what I did.


My next project was inspired by a sculpture artist who has several outdoor pieces in Santa Fe of ravens (sound so much more romantic then crows) sitting on top of apples.  I love his work and at one time had made a soft sculpture mimicking his sculptures; the results were disastrous.  Maybe that is why I enjoy digital art so much . . . it is so forgiving!

Raven 1
Raven 2

I'm looking forward to this evening and what I may be inspired to do.  A friend recently had a painting made from one of the many of my photographs taken at his ranch (have a thing about calves and the trillion photo's of them); maybe I'll attempt to create a painting from one or two of the ranch photo's . . . and see where it takes me.

I give thanks for my life and for the world in which I live.