Sunday, October 16, 2011

Collage Art?

I joined a group called CollageCats after seeing that a couple of members from a digital group I belong to were members.  It wasn't until after I joined the group, that I realized that it isn't really a digital group, but rather for paperart, painting, you know, the stuff you can touch!

After a few days thinking about it, having once dabbled in paperarts, and loving collage, I decided to push my digital art in a different direction and try my hand at "collage style" digiart!  Pretty two dimensional, not bad, but most importantly, I enjoyed doing it!


Today, while cleaning out what I call my "digidownloads" file, I came across some vintage illustrations that have been on my computer for a few years; inspiration hit and then I really did have some fun!

Chiquita Bonita

OH, almost forgot, also found another illustration that I felt belonged in an autumn themed piece.

Ethereal Autumn

My thoughts today (and for the past few weeks) has been about how old my dog is getting!  She once had a little black face and body with white markings on her feet and chest; now her face is white, her body is greying, she has a hard time with her hips, can barely see or hear, and her allergies are so bad that she's drugged out on antihistamines all the time.  She was 14 years old in September.

I give thanks that today was a beautiful day, not exciting, but definitely a good day; Sunday, a day of rest.