Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Posting

12 October 2K11
Have been curious about blogging, personal? public?, so many life changes, new experiences, interests . . . so, I'm giving it a try . . . to see where it goes!

I recently participated in a "Texture Challenge" hosted by Nancy Donaldson, using a texture that she had created from a encaustic painting that she had done; had fun not only doing the piece, but actually participating in something that was to be posted on her blog, all pulped out.

Winter Dawn
Visiting and viewing my work on Nancy's blog this morning, inspired me to look at some of her links, which took me to Kim Klassen Cafe.  Kim hosts a {Texture Tuesday}, and this weeks challenge was Red eDition, using one of her textures.  NOW I'm getting braver, read ALL the instructions on how to post to her site, photographed one of my many red geraniums, and walla, I again posted one of my pieces.

Celebrate Red

Liking being so brave, I decided what the heck, I'll start a blog and see where it takes me, and here it is!

Thought of The Day:  Working at home in sweats means I don't get out and spend money!