Saturday, October 22, 2011

Youthful Exuberance

My niece Kaitlin and her husband Victor went to the Navy Ball last evening in Oceanside, where Victor is currently stationed with the Navy.  Kait shared a few photo's with me this morning, a fun photo of her and Victor making fish faces and a professional photo that was taken at the ball.

I did apologize to kait that I can't leave a perfectly beautiful photograph alone . . . if it's digital, I'm going to play with it!

The professional photo was taken with the American flag on one side and the Navy flag (?) on the other, but I decided they should have a star spangled banner for a star spangled evening . . . and of course, I put their portrait through several art filters . . . not that I could add anything to such a handsome couple!

Kaitlin and Victor/October 2011
I couldn't even leave the "fish-face" photo alone and had to play with that too! Kait and Victor are such a sweet couple who have fun being together and enjoy one another so much!  I love youthful exuberance!

Thought for the day:  As handy as apple corers can be, they don't work on crooked apples!  (how's that for philosophical?)