Monday, July 02, 2012

Favourite Photo Monday ~ Portulaca

Had the greatest intent of getting out yesterday with my camera,
possibly downtown, or to one of our parks to take
photos of something other than my garden.

Another of my 'best intentions' gone by the wayside!
Maybe today . . . or tomorrow!

I love portulaca because of the almost 'electric' colors of the blooms
and because I thought they were pretty maintenance free.

One year I planted six huge pots of portulaca ...
and then they started getting all scraggly, ugly and funny looking.


Like most flowers that you want to stay gorgeous through out the summer months,
they need to be deadheaded - and are they tedious to deadhead!

Now I plant them in smaller pots, or as accent plants in multi-planted flower pot arrangements
and try to stay ahead of the deadheading.

Yesterday was tending portulaca day!