Monday, April 23, 2012

{Texture Tuesday} ~ a WaterColour eDition

This weeks theme was to use one of two, or both of Kim's new watercolor textures, Oh my or Let Go

Recipe: Let Go, saturation@100% and Oh my, color burn@75%

Recipe: Oh my, color burn@75%; Let Go, hue@31% and ugglovesepia, hue@41%

Recipe:  Let Go, difference@100% and Oh my, color burn@62%
This bush is a "sucker" at the far back-end of my backyard.  Don't know where it came from; a tree that originally grew there that was cut down?, or a sucker from the neighbors yard? 

We have a 7' tall cinder block wall that divides the yard, so I have no idea what grows in their yard besides a cedar (which does droop over the wall) and their pesky, invasive Tree of Heaven that pops up all over the place.

I keep watering this little whatever, it helps hide the cinder block wall,
is pretty when it blooms and adds a nice touch of green at the very end of my backyard!

Plus, I'm a "sucker" for volunteers!