Wednesday, April 25, 2012

52 Photos Project ~ Gallery 1 {Begin at the Beginning}

First prompt for the first week of Bella's 52 Photos Project is beginnings!
Marvelous, my life is one continues beginning!

So, I'm going to take beginnings and break it down into what I consider projects.
Projects can be personal, such as Bella's, desire to balance her mind/body/soul connections.
Projects can be what is around us, what makes us comfortable in our life.

The beginning I am sharing is the beginning of getting my digital life in order!
I have two external hard drives, a 500 GB and a 1 TB; I use them for the majority of my files. 
Basically only my program files and current "working files" are on my hard drive.

I have no idea how things get so out of whack, but they do.
My 'beginning' (project) is to clean out and reorganize the files; simplify my filing system.
I'm tired of spending hours looking for what I knew was on drive "C", "I" or "J" and wasn't!

not exciting, not life altering, but my current beginning! 

and because that was boring, I'm sharing a photo of my little niece, she is 18 months old
and IS the very essence of beginning!


52 Photos Project