Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 17

Below is the photo that we are to edit this week;
I found it to be beautiful "au natural", but here we go.

Original Photo
and my edit to the beautiful tulips . . .

Edited Photo
Simple edits.  Decided not to crop because I liked the balance between the tulips and the open space, but I did rotate the photo, seemed to enhance the balance in my minds eye. 

1) a level adjustment; 
2) added an Adjust 3 oil which I overlaid on the original, color burn @ 100%; 
3) a light Gaussian blur;
4) Pixel Dust Photo Art texture, "Painter", color burn @ 13%; and
5) Nancy Claeys texture, "Fog", overlay @ 35%.

I kept pushing for texture and rich red tulips while enhancing the white tulips.

Although only my second challenge, I am enjoying "Edit Me", and the work that is submitted by the digital artist that participate is phenomenal!

Edit Me