Sunday, February 19, 2012

PhotoArt Friday ~ February 16 - February 10

I simply enjoy participating in Bonnie's Photo Art Friday; her prompts, her tutorials and her creativity and sorry that I haven't had an opportunity to play since January.

The challenge this week was to either post any piece of our own photo art or share a piece where we have used one of Bonnie's textures with a layer mask.  I chose the latter and used a beautiful new texture Bonnie has created called "A Splash of Gold" as well as one of her earlier textures, Old Ornate Linen.

Splash of Gold/Darken @ 86% + layer mask on blue tops and Old Ornate Linen/Linear Light @ 58% with a light layer mask on the front blue top.

Splash of Gold, Color Burn @ 100% with layer mask on blue top and Old Ornate Linen/Linear Light @ 100%
The photos were taken at a winery in Italy, where my Lori and I joined a motor scooter tour of the hills in Chianti Country.  We both own motorcycles and though it would be a hoot to to try out Italy's well known Vespas' for a quick tour of the country side - and it was!


Photo Art Friday