Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Journaling . . .

Earlier in the year, I tried my hand at "Art Journaling" aka "Digital Journaling"; a few pieces for my benefit, a few pieces to fit various quotes that I like.  While I enjoyed the exercise, I can't say that I was tremendously pleased with the results - but digital journaling still intrigues me and over the past few days I have kept a couple of pieces that I have been working on open in Elements to work on when inspired to do so, rather than just sitting down to start and finish a piece.

Below are the two pieces I created . . . they may still change, but the great thing about digital art is I have the ability to add, subtract, or delete all together!


Last Minute
You might also notice I found "shapes" to add to my ongoing love affair with "textures"!

Thought for the day:  When you don't know the answer to a question that keeps playing over and over again in your mind, maybe it's because you're messing with the wrong question.