Thursday, August 09, 2012

Flower Art Friday ~ #16

While Tropical Storm Debbie hit and sat further up the Gulf Coast of Florida
then where Manasota Key is located, it did damage there as well.

We could see the damage in the changes of the coast line and beaches,
changes in the natural landscape, less sea grass and no beach morning glories,
also for the first time since we started 'retreating' to Manasota Key,
there wasn't a 'turtle patrol' guarding and caring for freshly laid turtle eggs,
nor did we see signs of turtle activity in the area.

The landscaping around our cottage changed as well, 
no baby palm trees, and while most of the older, more mature plants survived
there were new plantings, I presume, to fill in what was lost.

This is one of the new plantings ... I have no idea what it is, but it was positively gorgeous!

What we did see for the first time, which was quite exciting,
were porpoises swimming close to shore!