Thursday, July 19, 2012

There is a blog hosted by Randy called 
"Santa Fe Daily Photo, A daily photo from in and around Santa Fe. The Dancing Ground of the Sun."

Can't remember how I came across the blog, but it piqued my interest.
I know nothing about Randy, where he is from, what he does, but his interest in Santa Fe got me to thinking about my lack of interest in the community I call home!

I no longer participate in what Santa Fe has to offer;
I never stroll on the plaza, I don't shop downtown, I don't go to the museums, the parades, the Rodeo,
the 4th of July Pancake Breakfast, the evening concerts on the plaza or at St Johns College, 
the Santa Fe Fiesta, or the arts and craft shows that abound.
 Guess I'd have to say that not only was my interest piqued by Randy's blog,
but I was also a tad bit embarrassed.

I'm a native Santa Fean; my grandfather established a mercantile on the plaza in 1854,
my father born in Santa Fe when New Mexico was a territory, served on the City Council
and owned a shop on the plaza until the late 60's,
yet I've lost all contact with the community I call home. 
Seven weeks during the summer there is music festival on the plaza;
apparently this has been happening for numerous years.

My younger sister, who does participate in the community,
asked me if I want to go, to which I immediately responded 'yes'!

I enjoyed not only the music, but the people I visited with (natives and tourists alike);
it was such a joyous evening, smiles abounded, young and old alike,  people dancing, it was great!
 Thank you Randy;
I'm looking forward to reacquainting myself with the city I call home.