Thursday, July 19, 2012

Edit Me Challenge ~ Summer Show Off {Week 2}

I've been taking my share of really unimpressive photo's this summer!

That being said, I'm enjoying of opportunity of edit, play and learn more about PSE 10
in an attempt to see if there is anything reasonably recoverable!

Church in Las Vegas, NM
 Editing Steps:
1) PSE pencil sketch, duplicate;
2) Top layer: add noise and motion blur;
3) Create layer mask on top layer and with soft brush masked out some of the noise/motion blur
to reveal part of the bottom pencil sketch image;
4) Used bottom pencil sketch in a blending mode to bring out some of the color from the original; and
5) Added two textures. 
La Castaneda Hotel Window, Las Vegas, NM
 Editing steps:
1) Straightened;
2) Cropped; and
 3) Edited same as above


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