Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Art Friday /June 29 - July 01 ~ Painterly Edition

Bonnie always offers us an opportunity to post a favorite photo art
or she offers up a challenge for us to participate in.

This weeks challenge is to render a photo to look like a painting . . .
and I'm always up for a challenge and was all over the board on this one!

Butterfly Bush

Gulf Coast, Florida
Heirloom Roses

New Mexico Sky

Each photo was rendered a tad bit differently, although I have to admit
I loved the 'heavily embossed' technique used on the first two photos!

Heirloom Roses was rendered with the gradient map a la Bonnie's tutorial on top of an embossed filter, with an added gradient fill and I used my texture (home grown), along with Bonnie's texture "Painterly".

The last photo of the clouds was rendered by 'popping' the clouds with a high pass filter which was desaturation and then used as an blending layer.
Then I added an additional (home grown) texture.

All photos' were initially processed in RAW prior to rendering in PSE.

Photo Art Friday