Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flowers on Saturday ~ Week 81

I'm jumping in quite late on Ewa's 'Flowers on Saturday'
but I felt it was fitting to post on the last day of June, 2012!

     Decided cool colors from the garden was the way to go ... I'm ready for cool!

It has been unseasonably hot this month,
daytime temperatures in the mid to high 90's, night time temperatures in the mid 70's.
While in some parts of the country that may not be too bad,
for a city that is 7,000 ' above sea level, it's HOT!

I'm more accustomed to highs in the mid 80's, evenings in the mid 50's even in July and August.
Living in a home without air conditioning, I'd have to say it has become almost miserable!

But probably worse then my 'discomfort' is the fact that not only is it hot, it is dry;
which only adds to the threat of more wildfires in our forests and grasslands.

We are getting beautiful, big puffy clouds that float by and sometimes even turn dark ...
but no rain.

Praying for rain before we get into the even hotter months of July and August.

"A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won't come true."  Ray Evans