Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Art Friday/Whoops

I got a week ahead of myself; the challenge for this weekend was to simply use one of my photo's with a texture by Bonnie.  The challenge for January 20-23 was the "abstract challenge" . . . oh well, guess I'll just have to play some more!

For this weeks challenge (January 13-15) I used a photo taken of the bunk house at the Carson Ranch.  It's a neat old rock building which had the interior renovated a couple of years ago.  All the unique interior/exterior characteristics of the house were kept, including the vintage doors and screen door, dating from the 40's.
Carson Ranch Bunk House using Bonnie's textures: Backlight/Gauze Sheers/Off Kilter/Cinnamon

I got so involved playing with textures, I forgot to straight the screen door, so what you are seeing above is a crop in an attempt to get the focus of the photo straightened! To give you a flavor of the building, here is the original, in all it's crooked splendor.

Rather than leave with a quote, decided I needed to remember the idiom . . .
"haste makes waste"!

PS:  Decided to go ahead and post tonight instead of tomorrow 'cause I really do need to put a dent in my real life TODO List!