Monday, November 21, 2011

Nancy's Texture Challenge

Nancy Donaldson, who introduced me to textures and provided the first texture for me to play with, has created 6+1 new textures for our artistic pleasure and to challenge our imagination!  

As always, give me something to play with, and I can't leave it alone, and I can't quit!  So many textures, so much to play and experiment with . . . and you know what happens?  I can't pick "just one"!
"Niche"/wbottleb texture, exclusion@100%' and W3-WP, darken@100%

Above was a photo taken in Italy of a little altar set into the side of an abandoned farmhouse with old, faded artificial flowers still in it; a perfect backdrop for Nancy's texture "wallpaper".

Below is another photo taken in Italy of touring bikes parked against an old rock wall outside a little restaurant in the rolling hills of Tuscany.
"Touring Bikes"/ ecaustic texture, saturation @100%; and W3-bench, exclusion@100%
Below is a photo I took in an area called the "Boot Heel", which is where New Mexico borders with Arizona and Mexico.  An abandoned church with the sun shining on the cross is what I tried to capture and what I got was a blown-out photo; but Nancy's textures seemed to have been able to give it new life.
"Abandoned Church"/w3, soft light@54%; w3rust, linear burn@38%; and w3_6wtext, color burn@100%
And before I loose you . . .
"Little Hachita"/w3_6w blending mode difference@100%

"Captured in Rock"/w3bench, exclusion@100%; ecaustic (tinted), overlay @100@; and ecaustic, color burn @ 100%
I might quickly add all of Nancy's textures are great.  The "ecaustic" texture has ALWAYS been my favorite (and my first), which I used above, and now I have a new favorite "w3_6wtext" to keep "ecaustic" company.

Although I'm very attracted to the exclusion and/or difference blending modes, I tend to stay away from them, but while playing with Nancy's new textures they seem to have had the greatest appeal and ruled the day.

As always, thank you for stopping by and taking look . . . .