Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday

This week's TT is a "free & easy eDition" using at least one of Kim's textures.

Farewell to Autumn
After applying a slight level adjustment, I used Kim's texture "Paper 1", blending mode on color burn at 47% and topped it of with my favorite, "Ugglovebandw", blending mode on color burn at 100%.

I attempted to use the formula provided by Kim for the hover over so that you could see the original, but apparently I need to work on that!  What I ended up with was the enhanced photo, the original photo and the enhanced photo all lined up in a row.

Original photo
Once again, my thanks to Kim for her generous nature and for providing the opportunity to stretch and experiment!

. . . and thank YOU for taking the time to stop by to view the results of my Texture Tuesday!