Saturday, June 16, 2012

Your Sunday Best #22 ~ Wide Open Spaces

While it seems I never get out of my garden, I do travel, for business and pleasure!

The majority of my business travel is within New Mexico,
from the mountainous northwest to the arid southeast and all points in between.

My latest trip was to the southeast, a barren land to the uninitiated;
a beautiful land filled with cattle and sheep ranches, oil rigs and pump jacks
rolling hills in part, infinite vistas, grazing lands, acres of blooming cactus, antelope, deer and elk.

My intent is always to leave early enough so that I can stop to photograph this phenomenal scenery;
the vast differences throughout this glorious state,
and because of my best intentions, I always take my camera.

But traveling for me has also become a time to see friends far and wide;
to partake in visiting over breakfast, coffee, lunch or an afternoon break, 
so it seems I always end up racing the clock!

 On the trip south last week I actually did stop once on the road to take a series of photos at the same spot.
This pen sat way out in the middle of nowhere, all by it's lonesome;
and with the sun rising it was a breath taking scene.
Photo tint by Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations

And because I only managed ONE photo layout on my entire trip to the southeast
I caught up with more garden photos this morning!
Many thanks to Nancy at A Rural Journal for hosting Your Sunday Best!