Saturday, April 21, 2012

Your Sunday Best ! #14

Not sure what this shrub is, we had them at the house I grew up in;
I called it the "bumblebee bush" and continue to do so,
because they were always surrounded by bumblebees when in bloom.

I have a couple where I live now;
one a soft pink the other a strong, vibrant pink.

We had a hard, cold winter in 2011 with a over a week of 18 below during the days.
I though the shrubs had been killed.

I continued to water, did not prune,
and decided that if they didn't pull out by this year
I'd go ahead and dig them out.

They have come back, and while in need of a drastic prune job, they look so soft and pretty!

Just learned how to do a snapshot withing a photo, so I'm practicing!

Pruning will start once they have finished blooming!