Monday, February 06, 2012

{Your Sunday Best Challenge}

Nancy at A Rural Journal is hosting a "Sunday Best Challenge" where you are invited to post a your best photograph of the week.

I have not been running around with my camera since the Legislative Session opened on January 17, but I have had the camera on my mobile phone and have used it some, primarily at the Capitol, but the Capitol as a photo subject is a little boring!  I am also having fun trying to find photo apps for the mobile camera and have found a couple that I like.

Yesterday I downloaded (into my phone) an app called "One Man with a Camera", which is pretty much a trial.  I liked the results (below), purchased the app and am now on the trail of figuring out when the company is going to send me whatever it is they need to send me to take it into a full version mode!

The photo's were taken in my office, just for something to photograph . . . and while I try to keep my office "picked up", since Christmas it has become the recipient of everything that needed to be moved in order to bring out the Christmas decorations.  

Now that the decorations have been taken down, they are piled up in the office, waiting for me to trudge out to the store room, get the boxes, put them away and trudge back to the storeroom to put the decorations back in storage!

Lazy? perhaps . . . it just isn't high on my priority list!

“Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.”
   Dallin H. Oaks