Sunday, December 04, 2011

In the light . . .

Obsessing is not a good place to be, so I'm trying to turn from fear, anger and the feelings of helplessness to a place of positive energy.

We received a call yesterday that our sister Merta had been hit by a car while walking across a cross walk by an elderly gentleman who apparently just didn't see her. 

Merta is "fine", she is in the hospital with a shattered  knee and will have reconstructive (replacement?) surgery sometime tomorrow. 

My first thought . . . why Merta?  My (our) sister has survived a heart attack, is a cancer survivor, and most recently, a hip replacement . . . . . .

Trying not to delve into the negative, I thought of my Mother who stated, (at a particular time in her life when I thought she shoulda/coulda been angry and/or fearful) "God never gives us more then we can bear" . . .

Merta is a mentally and spiritually strong woman and she is surrounded by a loving, caring family as well as loving, caring friends.

What I can do best for my sister right now is hold her in the light.  Visualize her perfect healing; see her surrounded by the healing love and care of her family and friends, and envision the professional, compassionate care she is receiving is guided by the Hand of God.

And So It Is, and for this, I Give Thanks.