Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I last left off . . .

I was excited about meeting my family for a photography session to photograph the lights on the plaza!  While I did get photographs, I was too lazy (too cold?) to change out my zoom lens, so  the majority of my photographs, except for a couple, were a maze of colors in a darkened sky!
Plaza Christmas Lights

Lumanarios/La Fonda
What I REALLY got into was photographing window displays, which I thought were beautiful and/or unique to Santa Fe!
Pottery Nativity
Pottery Santa's'
Indian Pottery
Pottery Sculpture
Nambe Christmas
Santa Fe Wish List
All photo's above were rendered using Linda Trine's textures, Snowflake and/or Winter Wonderland.)

The "snowstorm" they predicted two weeks ago was a bust, at least for Santa Fe and I really had to work hard to find enough snow to capture . . .
Snowfall/Texture courtesy of  Bonnie at Pixel Dust
Snowfall II
. . . but it is snowing now, building up, and I can hardly wait to get out with my camera!

Tis the Season to be Merry!